What We Offer

Top Fortune 500 brands rely on MePlease to help their business grow and measure customer loyalty. Reach consumers from any brand touchpoint through our Flexible Mobile Platform, our Intelligent Data Analytics and our Intuituve Merchant Dashboard.

Mobile Social Rewards

MePlease can upgrade your existing loyalty program or you can use our simple, powerful rewards app.

We track and measure every stage of the customer journey including purchases and social sharing across digital channels.

Intelligent Consumer Analytics

We identify consumer information through any marketing channel and on any mobile device.

Our analytics improve response rates by defining meaningful groups of customers of like attributes and behaviors. Create a new segment and then use it for a wide range of reporting and targeting activities.

Merchant Portal & Messaging

MePlease gives merchants direct access to tracking, customized reporting and targeted messaging through a bespoke Merchant Portal.

View customer demographics, communication channel effectiveness, user activity and behaviours on our online platform.

Send messages to calculated segments of your consumers using our intuitive messaging tool.

Strategic Services

We advise some of the worlds largest brands on myriad topics, from social strategy to innovative product ideas.

MePlease can help you broadcast a clear message and open a dialog with your most loyal customers.