Crazy for cars, that’s my boy….

By one adorable 4 year old himself, little Bo x

Our favourite Flock design in grey/blue

I loved every minute of working with Tracey in producing this stationery for her September Wedding.  She chose our lovely ‘Flock’ design in a grey/blue colour, she had some great, unusual ideas from little cards hung by pegs on ribbon within an old trunk bought on Ebay as a table plan alternative through to little business size matching cards which were placed on every guests bed donning a little note from herself and her soon to be husband. Peachy perfect and quite unique.  Such a gorgeous girl and an absolute pleasure to work with, we wish you and Paul a fun filled and much loved up happy future together. Love Beau x 


We baked a cake or two!

Well I’m no baker, but I was quite impressed with how our cakes turned out for our kid’s birthdays this year! I baked this scrummy number 3 cake for our boy Tom in May and WOW my husband can decorate. Ohh to have creative genes!
Then no more than 5 weeks later when our daughter Izzy turned 5, I held my breath as a Rapunzel Tower cake creation was being built in my kitchen, the night before ten 5 year old girls were set to take over my house in all their Rapunzel glory. And then WOW…..! I have to say I was completely bowled over and transfixed by this stunning cake her dad built, as were all the kids.  Maybe cake baking and creating is our new vocation!

We love our Dandi Hearts

This summer we changed our Dandi Hearts collection to incorporate a cute heart within the centre of the flower and recently printed this lovely olive green design for Lucy & Chris.  Hope you had a lovely wedding and we are so pleased you loved your stationery. 

Dust off the dress! Its my 40th Birthday!

40 brides and 40 grooms….all in one room! very surreal, yet it made for one intriguing, exciting and quite hilarious evening.  My friend Melissa was on a mission to wear her wedding dress for a second time, not only to have the thrill of wearing that gorgeous dress again but to also prove her husband Edward wrong, that the expensive dress in the loft WOULD be worn twice!  So bring on the husband and wife joint 40th birthday party, celebrate in your wedding dress at a posh venue and invite all your girlfriends to join you. Fabulous evening Mel… once I finally managed to squeeze myself into the dress!
Here’s just 17 of the brides and Mr birthday boy Edward himself.